Saturday, April 09, 2005

First Pea Patch

My daughter and oldest granddaughter planting peas so she could see how they develop and grow.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Faded Memories

One more photo from the auction location. It's an old International pickup. It seemed to me the effect I added somehow helped to convey the feeling of age.


Another photo from the auction location.

We've Seen Better Days

I was invited to attend the Annual Alton Jubilee in Alton, KS, last year, and also to do the Sunday morning service in a large tent set up in the park. While there I did some photos while I wandered around on Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure what kind of business may have occupied this location at one time, but I found the shadows and texture to be interesting. Small towns have taken a beating in my lifetime.

They Died In Noah's Flood???!!! 7,000-10,000 Years Ago???!!!

One of my brothers on the left, and Alan, a friend I've known for many years, on the right. I received a call early one morning after they pulled an all-nighter putting the finishing touches on a fossil so I stopped to see the new display and do a few photos. This caption came to mind when I looked at the photo later and thought of previous conversations we've had. For many years I'd have thought someone making this claim was nuts, too. I'd suggest reading "The Genesis Flood" by Whitcomb and Morris, and considering what this article has to say.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Our Paths Crossed.......

Footprints and tire tracks in the mud. I believe reasons exist for our paths to cross the paths traveled by others. I thought of that when I saw this image there on the ground just waiting to be made.

P. Lee's

I drive by this location twice a day, and this is the south side of the building. I've always liked the building, and I'd guess it was a gas station, maybe a small store of some type, and a residence in the second floor in years gone by. I was at an auction in the late 70's when the building sold for $3500 and then became an antique store. It sold again a couple of years ago and became another antique store after some interior and exterior work was done. The north wall leans to the north. That bothers me.

John Deere "G"

This is another of the many images I did at the auction location. I know this tractor will be snapped up by some collector who will restore it. I haven't done any research to see when John Deere "G" models were made, but, in my ignorance, I'd guess it was made in the 30's?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Barton County Courthouse in The Rain

While parked on one of the streets around the courthouse square one morning, it was raining. Before I turned my wipers on I looked out and saw the courthouse through the rain on the windshield, and I noticed the colors produced by streetlights in the rain on the windshield. You'll probably see more images of this courthouse since I find it to be unique.

Won't Haul Wheat This Year

A local company has big auctions of farm machinery and other items a couple of times a year, and old trucks can always be found in the sale. I stopped on several different days before the auction and did a series of photos of things that caught my eye. Some of the items are probably scrapped, and some are restored by collectors. Who knows what happened to this one, but it had its day long ago.


Now and then very special people enter your life. This friend is one of them. Both of us have been through a lot in the years we've known each other, and some of it hasn't been much fun. On the other hand, most of our time together was a lot of fun, very meaningful, and has resulted in some really good growth and change in both of us. These photos were taken when went out to eat and talk after she announced she was moving over 1500 miles away. It can be hard for me to look at them since she will be missed so much.

Goody For You!!

A co-worker and friend for many years. The color of her eyes is unique, and I've seen many different emotions in them during the time we've known each other. The caption came to mind when I thought of a time recently when she was not completely happy with something I had done. We still had a good laugh about it, though.

Hard Head

Copyright notice and e-mail address found here

The cranium that contains the brain responsible for making all the photos found here, except this one. I've said in jest sometimes that I was not a normal child. Maybe that was true. Maybe it still is. I've had an interest in photography for over 40 years, and even turned that into a sideline business for 20+ years. I finally reached the point I could not stand to do another wedding and sold almost all my equipment. I could still see more creative types of images, though, but business got in the way of making them. In addition, I can still see in my mind images I missed for one reason or another over the years and will never again have the chance to capture. I started this gallery/blog (not knowing the difference initially) so I could post images that amuse me, or have meaning to me for some reason. I hope you see some you like, too.

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