April 5, 2003

This weekend was the annual CMA "Seasons of Refreshing" in Kansas.  Over 150 CMA members from all over Kansas came in for the meeting at the Emmanuel Foursquare Church in Salina. Curtis Clements, our regional evangelist, spoke on the theme "Stirring the Servants."  His presentation was really good. I've been looking for direction on a certain matter for a couple of weeks, and, while he spoke, it became clear to me which direction I should go.

Following the meeting I got to talk with Curtis and some others before I took off to get gas and hit the road.  While fueling up some guys pulled in and we started talking about a variety of things while they looked at the BugWing.  They gave consent for me to do a photo of them, and, from left to right, you see Jon, Ryan, Ryan, and Jon......seriously.

After this photo was made I had the opportunity to talk even more with Jon and Ryan (on the left).  I hope I get to talk with you guys again. I gave them a flier for our annual Biker's Weekend coming up in May, and hit the road again.......

April 11, 12, and 13, 2003

This was a busy weekend!!  On Friday night I went to the drag strip with the drag bike team from our chapter. That's me on the left, along with one of our little friends, Ivan R., Deana R., the designated drag bike rider, Mike Z., Fred the dog, and Deana Z.  I had the experience of riding it tonight, though, so I was suited up in leather and it was my first time ever on a drag strip.  My wife did a photo of me as I sat waiting to make my first run, and, following that, she gave the camera to a friend, Shelly, who has a husband who runs funny cars.  She did a shot of me on the track. After I returned from making my first pass, another shot was done.

Some runs were better than others, as you'd expect, and I found I couldn't tell the difference in how it felt to run 165mph, as opposed to 170mph on another run.  A big part of that was because the bike won't do that, except in my dreams, and the actual speeds can be calculated more closely if you knock 100mph off the fantasy noted above.  It needs some work, or something, but it was sure fun!  Deana raced it on Saturday, but, as noted, it needs some work and this was only the second weekend the Rapture Riders chapter drag bike team has ever taken it out. Deana also warned me about the bruises on her legs that resulted from the massive output of power, and being slammed down on the frame when it took off from the line. I have the same bruises she warned me about.

While the four on the drag bike team raced on Saturday in Great Bend, I went to Abilene for the semi-annual Kansas State CMA President's meeting.  Mike B., one of our former Presidents,  and Mike J., our current VP, from the chapter accompanied me.  It was held this time at the Emmanuel Foursquare Church in Abilene, and was a time of sharing a lot of information.  After we left there, we took a more scenic ride home on K-4, stopped in Gypsum to give some fliers for Macksville Bikers Weekend and the Spiritual Life Center runs to some bikers, and then stopped for a while at the Viking Motorcycle Company in Lindsborg.

On Sunday, those of us who could go headed for Lorraine, KS, to do a church visit in the Baptist church there.  I didn't do a count, but I know Yvonne, our on-the-ball Secretary did, so I did a few shots as people arrived.  Before I spoke to tell the congregation about the ministry of CMA, Mike J. sang.  After I spoke, Beth gave a personal testimony, and she was followed by LeeRoy who did the same thing.

The restaurant in Lorraine was apparently too small to hold those from the church who may have gone out to eat, in addition to all of us from the chapter who made the visit, so we rode 15 miles to Ellsworth and ate at the Pizza Hut.  After we ate, we stood around and talked a while, and I saw Derald and Carlo having a conversation about something concerning Carlo's bike.  LeeRoy walked around with his grandson for some reason <G> I saw this motor on Rose's bike, but it must be cleverly disguised to look like a Harley since it didn't seem to be marking its spot.

I headed back to Great Bend eventually and stopped at the park to see the drag bike team who had the bike in the March of Dimes "Walk America" event.  I did a digital shot, but I have no clue what happened to it or it would be posted.  (I found it right in front of my face on April 20) The purpose for doing all this is to get the message out there.........

April 19, 2003

Bikers of Central Kansas had a meeting today and I met with Curt, Blair, and Todd at the usual meeting spot.  While there and getting ready to go, a few stopped by to look and talk. Curt did this photo I didn't know about until I looked on the BOCK page for April he updated after our run.  If the sun had been shining, there would likely have been a bright spot glaring from the head between the two guys in white shirts.  I'll wear a cap from now on.

The original plan was to go to Lindsborg to the Viking Motorcycle Company to eat there, but rain and the potential for more changed the plans. Instead, we went to Hoisington and wound up at the Pizza Hut to eat and meet.  When we pulled in, I did this shot of Todd, Curt, and Blair, while Curt did this shot of me. After that, Curt and I both did this shot of our machines.

After the meeting, the clouds looked like rain, but Curt and Blair decided to make one more stop in Hoisington, and I decided to head back.  Todd took off to the north.  I ran into rain about half way back, and, in the page above, Curt provided a description of what he and Blair encountered.  I didn't get wet, but I've been there before.

April 20, 2003

April 26, 2003

Several weeks ago I went to see Rich Fox at Affordable Street Rods to talk with him about a windshield wiper.  He gave me some options, but they didn't appear to work when I did my measuring.  This morning I went to the 281 Auto Salvage yard co-owned by Mike of Newkirk Racing and pulled a wiper assembly out of an old Bug.  I wondered if one side of it could be cut off, so the one wiper arm could be mounted in the middle of the window, with the motor mounted off to the side.  I stopped to see Rich to ask him, not expecting anything to be done today.  However, he stopped what he was working on (one of his new trailers he sells), and started wiring and cutting.  I figured the motor was 6-volt, and he confirmed that with some testing.  Following that, he cut the one side off, drilled a hole in the body in the middle of the windshield, and got under the bonnet to mount the motor.  The finished product looks like this, although a new wiper arm is needed and will be ordered by him to replace this one since it has a lot of slop in it from previous use.

April 28, 2003

I took it out to Jim Nixon, at Nixon Racing, and asked him to make windows out of Lexan with Dzus fasteners for the sides, in the rear.  I picked it up this evening.  They're hard to see in this photo, but you can see the fuel tank extension I had placed on the original tank two weeks ago by Phil, at Jackson Motorsports.