April, 2005

April 3, 2005

Our chapter did a run to Hoisington today to visit the Living Joy church.  One of our chapter members was the pastor of this church in its former location for some time, but went to be with the Lord after he got off his bike and collapsed after arriving at the church on September 22, 2003.   When we arrived we got parked, Wes rang the bell, and the service started.  Following the service, there was a lunch provided in a manner that only a small church full of loving people can provide!!

April 9, 2005

Today was "test and tune" at the SRCA drag strip, and Ivan, Deana, and their son, Nick, had the chapter drag bike out there for its first passes of the season. The bike had a new motor put in it to start the season last year, but tuning problems limited the racing done with it, and the times and speeds attained.  Those problems have been corrected, however, and it was apparent today.

When I arrived, Ivan and Nick were preparing the bike to run, and it wasn't long before Deana, who rides the bike, was ready to make her first pass.  She made several passes this afternoon, and could tell the bike is running much better than it ever had before.   While the two of them were near the water box on two occasions where I was working, I did some photos of them.  While Deana was on the line preparing to go on one of those passes, I did another.  After one of her passes I turned and noticed Ivan and Jack were very pleased.  I won't say anything about which one of them forgot to turn on her air shifter before she got a really good launch on one of those passes.  Of course, I've never done anything like that.

After the activity noted above, this became a very frustrating month.  The frustration extended into May while I tried to get ready to go to Houston for the art car show.  When I rolled the BugWing out of the garage to go to the drag strip on April 9 I noticed some resistance when I pushed it.  My assumption was that one of the brake calipers was hanging up, and I assumed it would be on the Goldwing.  I was right.  I rode about three blocks before I touched the rotor very quickly and found it was very hot.  I rode it back to the garage, parked it, and called a friend for help.  After he pulled the caliper off, the BugWing sat like this through the rest of the month of April, and into May, while I waited on parts.

I won't go into detail, but I ordered the parts immediately and the order was botched in several ways on three occasions.  It took almost five weeks to finally get the parts I needed just to rebuild the caliper.  The right parts finally arrived the night before I had to move the BugWing to another location for a modification of some the wiring in preparation for the run to Houston.   While I waited on parts I pulled the seat out to have some sewing done in two areas that did not get finished before I put it on the road, but I ran into snags on that little job, too.  That problem took three weeks itself, and I finally had to take it to another business to get that finished.  On thing after another, on top of those mentioned, happened while trying to prepare to go.  I got to the point I just prayed the doors would be opened if I was supposed to go, or that they'd be closed if I wasn't supposed to go, for whatever reason.  While talking with someone about all the obstacles I ran into while trying to get things ready to go, she said, "Something really good must be getting ready to happen."  She was right.......