February, 2005

February 19, 2005

For several years our CMA chapter has been invited to co-sponsor a Chili Challenge with the Bikers of Central Kansas.  We did it again this year and invited representatives from other groups, such as The MEN MC, the Sidewinders, and the Sons of Silence MC to participate.  In the past we've had representatives of other organizations participate in a "Celebrity Challenge," but, this year, representatives from each of these groups participated in competition with each other for the best chili, and people from the community also participated in competition for best beef and non-beef chili and other awards, along with the Best Presentation award.  

I did a number of photos throughout the evening and them fired them off to Curt with Bikers of Central Kansas, who also serves and emcee and primary organizer of the Chili Challenge.  Those photos can be seen here.