On New Years Day our CMA chapter always does a New Years Day run.  We went to the Pizza Hut in Larned again this year and filled the basement room.  The temperature was about 6 degrees warmer than last year, but, at 28 degrees, it was still cool.  My fingers were much warmer this year than last year when I rode my 1995 K75s BMW.

On January 20, 2003, I had the day off so I headed out with the intention of going to Oklahoma.  Seomthing happened, though, since I went north instead of south and found myself visiting Russell, Kansas, for a short time before heading over to Hays.  While there I rode through the campus of Fort Hays State University where I went to school, and I had opportunities to talk with a number of people at each stop I made in town.  After leaving Hays, I went back toward Russell, but continued to Bunker Hill where I stopped at the Bear House Cafe and Truck Stop on I-70.  Again, I had the opportunity to talk with a number of people there before I hit the road for home.