January, 2004

January 1, 2004

Our CMA chapter in did our annual New Years Day ride today, and, as usual, we were joined by those from other groups who are always very welcome.  Those of us who live in the Great Bend area met at our usual meeting place, and, at 11:30am, we headed for the Pizza Hut in Larned where we were met by people from other CMA chapters and still other groups.  The weather was unusually warm for New Years Day so we had, at last count, 35 bikes and 72 people showed up for the meal at the Pizza Hut.  The crowd was so big we couldn't all fit into the basement meeting room, so some had to gather at tables upstairs.  We got to hang around after the meal and enjoy the warm weather and conversation, while talking outside in the parking lot.

Being the geezer I am, I broke my routine and forgot to fuel the BugWing after I rode last time.  I made it to Larned with no problem, but, while on the way home and only a mile or so outside Larned, I ran out of fuel.  My daughter, her husband, and their kids were following me so they went back into Larned, bought a small gas can, filled it, and I got on my way again.  In the meantime, I got to talk to a Sheriff's officer and a Highway Patrolman who stopped to check on me while I waited for gas.  I need to develop a checklist, or at least check my fuel tank before leaving to go anywhere.......