January, 2005

Our CMA chapter did our annual New Years Day ride, but, this time, we went to Lyons instead of Larned.  We were joined by members of the Gabriel's Thunder chapter from Medicine Lodge, Crossroads Crusaders from McPherson, and the Faithful Followers from Hutchinson.  In addition, we were joined by members of the Bikers of Central Kansas and members of the Sidewinders.  We had right at 110 people show up for the run to the Pizza Hut in Lyons and everyone appeared to have a really good time.  This was, by far,  the biggest group yet for this annual ride.

Curt Montague from Bikers of Central Kansas did a marathon session on the BOCK site this past weekend and, for the time being, simplified my life by using photos the two of us did on the New Years Day Run to put this page together.