July, 2003

July 4, 2003

It was HOT today, but I headed for Park City, just north of Wichita, for the Park City Car, Bike, and Trike Show. Shortly after I arrived, I ran into a guy named Ron who owns this nice set of wheels, and, while talking, we learned we had been in the same high school graduating class many years before.  Both of us had changed a bit in the years since that time, but it was good running into him.

Before I took off to return to Great Bend, I did this shot of "Teddybear's" trike.  Kenny Flower, Director of the Open Prairie chapter of Brothers of the Third Wheel in Kansas, posted a lot of photos from the weekend.  To see them, go here, and then enter "trikers," without the quotes, as the password.

John "Bulldog" followed me to Hutchinson after we left Park City, and the two of us had some something to drink before I continued.  When I pulled back into Great Bend I went straight to the Expo area where I placed the BugWing in a car show prior to the fireworks display.  When that was over, I went home and cooled off.