July, 2004  (reload the page each time you visit, until each of the following sections is complete)

July 10-11, 2004  Rapture Riders Family Campout - Lake Wilson

Our CMA chapter hasn't had a chance for several years to just get together and have a family campout, but we got one scheduled this weekend at Lake Wilson.  We were able to book the use of a scout camp, and, after we started arriving, we did a group shot.   Some of us camped in tents, some in motor homes, and some slept in the shelter house, especially in the early morning hours when the lightning started.  When that happened, I got up, moved the BugWing over under some trees in case we had hail, and then I went into the shelter house myself.  As it turned out, I'm told the clouds with all the lighning just disappeared as they got to us!!  I was trying to get some sleep so I didn't watch it happen.

Personally, I believe Lake Wilson is the nicest lake in Kansas and I used to do a lot of sailing on this lake in the late 70's and early 80's.  Mike, our current President, made a deal with a guy on a small sailboat and he had it at the lake this weekend so I could teach him how to sail.  We first went out on Saturday evening, and, after teaching him the basics, I changed places with him and let him have it.  He did a pretty good job, except that, somehow, while coming about on one occasion, he popped the rudder out of place and had to grab it and try to get it back in place.  Fortunately, it was tied off so it didn't go to the bottom.  While he was trying to get it back in place, I noticed he was hanging over the stern, which caused water to start coming in and filling the little 11 foot boat.  After I got him settled down, I got him to stop hanging over the stern, sinking us, and I had him move more toward the center of the boat.  I started bailing with my boonie hat, and he was bailing, too, so we were able to keep it from going under.   It took some effort, though,  in the strong breeze we had for teaching him how to sail.

On Sunday morning, we headed for Tatanka Lodge on the south side of the lake, where Mike did the service that is open to all.  Following the service, we all went back to the other side of the lake across the bridge to Otoe Park, where we got the sailboat out again.  Mike had to go do something, so I took Yvonne out for a while, and then followed that by taking Joyce out.  We were sailing in a part of the lake where there was a lot of motor boat traffic generating a lot of waves, and doing so in a small boat.  While coming about at one point, water from some wakes came over the side and started filling the boat in a hurry.  I thought we'd be able to just pull the sail down, bail it out, and go on.  However, after another wake hit us, I knew that would not happen.  I asked Joyce to pull the sail down, and I told her we were in trouble.  I did it calmly, though, as we started to sink and she jumped overboard.  I went over with her, watching to see that she didn't get under the sail, and she swam off toward shore.  

I stood on the centerboard, pulled the sail down, and got the boat upright, although it was filled with water and only a small portion of it, plus the mast, showed above the surface.  Joyce's son, Vic, swam out and helped me get it back to shore where we got the water out of it and started sailing again.  By the time this happened, Mike B. , and another Mike (J.), had arrived, and I let them have it since I needed to hit the road.  I was told Mike sailed it back in like he knew what he was doing.  It must have been the good instruction he had the evening before.  Eh?  He does need a bigger sailboat, however, and it got me to thinking about the same thing myself.  I've missed sailing.........

July 17, 2004  After Harvest Festival Parade - Ellinwood, KS

I haven't been able to make this parade for several years, but I was there today along with some other chapter members.  It's a big parade and the lining up begins on the far west side of town.  Shortly after I arrived Carla, Abner, and Fred drove by in art cars, parked somewhere way up the line, and then came back to talk with me.    In addition to that, I wasn't able to find them after the parade like I thought I would.  They told me an art car event was being scheduled in Salina in 2006, and I was invited to come up with the BugWing.  I'm looking forward to that.

While we all stood around and talked, other vehicles arrived and got in line.  This old wheat truck was only one of many things that caught my eye. When the parade started we made our way to the east, turned south on Main Street, made our way by a lot of people lining both sides of the street, and then turned off, looking back up Main Street,  to park and watch the rest of the parade.  

July 31, 2004 Wilson Czech Fest Parade and Car Show - Wilson, KS
                        Church Visit - Rozel, KS

This is another parade I haven't been able to make for a while, and, again, I met up with a number of people from our CMA chapter. This small town also draws a large crowd for this annual event, and we started by again lining up for the parade that runs down the main drag in Wilson.  After we made our way down Main Street I watched the rest of the parade and then decided to head back came back downtown to enter the car show.  While preparing to move from a side street to downtown, I was approached by Erika who looked at the BugWing and then invited me to the Central Art Car Exhibit and Celebration in Omaha, to be followed by the Route 6 Nebraska Art Car Cruise from Omaha to Hastings.  I had no clue what my calendar at home indicated, so, after talking a while, I told her I'd get back with her and I then headed downtown for the car show.

While meandering around downtown, I headed for the antique tractors on display where I found this old piece of machinery.  I understand it's not really a tractor for use in the field, but, rather, an engine mounted on wheels, basically, and it was used to power equipment with a belt that attached to the motor.  I found it pretty interesting and it's clearly old.
 Eventually, we all had to leave Wilson, and, from there, some of us went west to Rozel for a visit at one of the churches there that evening.  It was a long, but really good, day.