March, 2004

March 12 & 13, 2004
I can tell riding season is here.  Members of Kansas CMA chapters from throughout the State gathered at the First Assembly of God church in Great Bend this year for our annual "Seasons of Refreshing." Over 100 people attended the meeting and listened to Curtis Clements, our Regional Evangelist, speak throughout the day.  It was also an opportunity to see and talk to others in CMA from throughout the State as we prepare for the riding season.  Before departing that day, we managed to pull together some of the Rapture Riders who attended

March 28, 2004

The weather was really nice this afternoon, so I went out to watch Ivan, Deana, and their son, Nick, do some testing and tuning on the chapter drag bike.  The main focus today was how it did off the line, and some sort of problem still exists.  Deana tried it off the line several times, as did Ivan.  Some adjustments were made, but more still need to be made in preparation for the drag races next weekend.  While they were preparing to load it on the trailer to take it back home I did this, and then took off for Ellinwood.

Fred, a long-time
friend, put a group called "The Big Picture" together and they sing and play at the United Church of Christ church in Ellinwood.  Several of us from our chapter went over to eat at the pig feed they had this afternoon and evening, and then to listen to them sing and play.  I like the music they're doing, and I'm impressed with how they do it.  Keep it up!!