September, 2004

September 25 & 26, 2004

The first run I ever made in the BugWing was to the Northwest Kansas Bike Show in Goodland, KS.  I had to miss last year, but it worked out for me to make it this year.

I took off early in the morning, heading for I-70 to meet Dwight and Beth, and Leeroy, Rose, and Jake, and, while on the way in the dark, I had to hit the brakes harder than ever before.  As I cruised along around 6:15 in the morning I suddenly noticed two large shapes in the road; one in the middle of each lane ahead of me.  I got on the brakes and stopped maybe 20 feet from two of the biggest deer I've ever seen.  They didn't move until I came to a complete stop, and then they were gone.  If I hadn't seen them when I did, my trip would have ended there that day!!

After I met up with Dwight, Beth, Leeroy, Rose, and Jake, I followed them down I-70.  Dwight and Beth were roughing it in their new motorhome, and Leeroy, Rose, and Jake were in a pickup pulling their trailer.  We pulled into Goodland around 10:30, got set up in the KOA, and then headed downtown to get registered in the bike show.  I should have done more photos, but didn't.  I'm not sure how long Main Street really is, but it was filled with bikes, trikes,  street rods, and vendors for many blocks.  Some better photos of Main Street can be found in the September, 2002, page.  This photo shows the area where I was parked, and this one is a view to the south where more bikes, vendors, and street rods were parked.  This trike had some unique construction features, so I did a series of shots of it for myself.

Bike games were scheduled later in the afternoon, so I wandered over there to watch for a while.  Leeroy and Rose entered and participated on their Boss Hoss, and, after they parked between events, I did one more of that monster with the two of them standing beside it.  Leeroy offered to let me ride it one time but my feet barely touch the ground when I'm on it, so I passed.

The awards banquet on Saturday evening was the biggest one I've attended there.  It really wasn't possible to do a single photo that would show the entire room, so I did several from different locations and still didn't get it covered very well.  One of the things that took place that evening was a show of appreciation for Casey and Linda, who were really instrumental in getting this show started.  They decided to step aside and turn the reins over, so they were recognized for their outstanding efforts.  Leeroy, Rose, and I won some awards in the bike show, and got some really nice belt buckles that evening.

On Sunday morning we headed for the breakfast and church service, and, before breaking up and heading our separate ways, some of the members of CMA from different chapters around the State got together for a group photo.  I headed out to I-70, and turned east with the intention of stopping in Colby to go to church there.  However, I forgot the fact that time changes from Mountain time to Central time not long after I leave Goodland, so I walked in to the church just as they were dismissing.  I was an hour off in my thinking.

Since I don't like taking the superslab, and I really like getting on the two-lanes and meandering around, I did just that after I left Colby.  I headed south to Scott City, and then headed east toward home.  When I made it into Dighton, I decided it was time to eat so I stopped at a little roadside business and did just that.  While eating, some people came in to look at the trike so I did a photo of them before they headed off to volleyball practice.  After that, I headed on home.........