Occult Activities and Manifestations Survey

OCCULT:  Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences or phenomena

The following lists are partial compilations of various occult activities and manifestations, many of which may not be reported by counselees, explored by counselors, or seen by either as having any possible correlation.  Connections do exist, however, between many activities which are, or may be, points of contact or entanglement with demonic entities, and many experiences that are, or may be, manifestations of demonic "attachments," or demonically-mediated phenomena, influence, or oppression.

For example, some of the experiences or behavioral manifestations noted in this survey may "fit" several categories, such as demonic "attachments,"  oppression, or influence; various types of dissociation, including demonically-mediated dissociation (DMD); manifestations of alter personalities; indications of physical disease; or signs of "mental illness", unrelated to spiritual factors.  Referrals for other interventions may be necessary and should be made, if indicated.

It is suggested the counselor administer these surveys by incorporating them into a comprehensive interview, with follow-up where indicated for any clarification needed.  It should be noted, however, such an exploration, when undertaken by a Bible-believing Christian who is experienced in or sensitive to spiritual realities and spiritual warfare, may activate various manifestations found in Part I.  Spiritual intervention may be required immediately.

In addition, presentation of all the items during one interview may result in some counselees feeling overwhelmed.  Similar explorations conducted by counselors who do not believe in these realities will probably not stir the entities, who, if present, can create or mediate these manifestations. The author is not responsible for the manner in which the survey is used, hypotheses and conclusions resulting from its use, or any action or event arising from its use.

CAUTION: Content in this web site has been known to excite anti-Christian defense attorneys, defense "experts," and others who are blind to spiritual realities, grossly intolerant of the Bible and those who know it is true, and who, through their various comments and actions, clearly imply Jesus Himself was/is a liar and a lunatic since He dealt with the spiritual entities referenced in this site. Such intolerance has led to prolonged attacks on something those individuals clearly do not understand, and do not understand they do not understand, since those things are spiritually discerned, and not understood through the intellect or "science." Their blindness has led to numerous attacks on the author of this site, including being told after the discovery of this site his "credibility" had been "damaged," and this author has been subjected to gross discriminatory actions against him at work as a result. "Thought police" have subjected him to attempts to undermine his First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech through suggestions he should modify the content of this site, and his complaints to EEOC and the Kansas Human Rights Commission have been rejected as being unworthy of merit, despite the clear, grossly inappropriate, violations cited in communication with those groups. Belief in God, the Bible, and the realities found in this site will likely subject others to similar treatment by those who are Jesusphobic, and who claim to be "tolerant," although their actions give them away. On the other hand, I thank God that He can use unbelievers and those hostile to the Bible and the truth of the Gospel to elicit responses from this author regarding these matters; responses that would not otherwise be heard in court testimony or some other locations. Perhaps some spiritual eyes wil be opened as a result, and the Gospel, which has always flourished and has been spread as a result of persecution and attack, will be spread even further.

The "Occult Activities and Manifestations Survey" is in the developmental stage, requires field testing, and is not yet considered to be valid or reliable.  The author is not responsible for the manner in which the survey may be used, for hypotheses and/or conclusions resulting from its use, or any action or event arising from its use.

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