Occult Activities and Manifestations Survey

Name:___________________________ Identification Number:___________



41.  Irregular heartbeat Yes No Unsure
42.  Memory gaps/"lost" time/ amnesia Yes No Unsure
43.  Feelings of pressure on the chest/feelings of suffocation Yes No Unsure
44.  Obsessive thoughts/compulsive behaviors Yes No Unsure
45.  Extreme anxiety Yes No Unsure
46.  Extreme fear Yes No Unsure
47.  Abnormal desire for sex Yes No Unsure
48.  Having feelings made or controlled by someone or something outside you Yes No Unsure
49.  Seeing unusual lights/balls of light Yes No Unsure
50.  "Trances" during which you could not move or speak, but knew what was going on around you Yes No Unsure
51.  Feeling like you are in, or you are seeing, a heavy "mist" or fog Yes No Unsure
52.  Experiencing puzzling phenomena in the environment Yes No Unsure
53.  Tendency to commit violent acts/crimes Yes No Unsure
54.  Having your actions made or controlled by someone or something outside you Yes No Unsure
55.  Succubus  (demonic sexual intercourse with a man) Yes No Unsure
56.  Feeling like thoughts are taken from your mind Yes No Unsure
57.  Fear of anointing oil Yes No Unsure
58.  Feeling like you were possessed by a dead person Yes No Unsure
59.  Fear of, mocking of, revulsion toward Christian symbols, objects, music, etc.  Yes No Unsure
60.  Impulsive behaviors such as spending, gambling, shoplifting, self-harm, etc.  Yes No Unsure
61.  Smelling strong, foul odors Yes No Unsure
62.  Attention span or concentration impaired suddenly Yes No Unsure
63.  Incubus  (demonic sexual intercourse with a woman) Yes No Unsure
64.  Feeling like some external force affects you or has power over you Yes No Unsure
65.  Inability to move or speak Yes No Unsure


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